24 Hour Pharmacy

Services offered

  • Supplying of required medication and script services to patients, their families and members of the public
  • Professional advice and patient specific counseling
  • A fully stocked shop to provide for all pharmaceutical needs and also stocks gifts, toiletries and nice-to-have's

Contact details

Address: Ground Floor, Arwyp Main Building, Pine Street Entrance
Tel: 011 922 1313
Fax: 011 394 7219

Pharmacy Manager

 Tel: 011 922 1304

The Arwyp Medical Centre's 24 hour emergency pharmacy was designed to support the casualty department of the hospital. However, as a service to the Ekhuruleni community it also operates as a retail pharmacy which is open to members of the public 24 hours a day. The emergency pharmacy is conveniently situated at the Pine Street main entrance of the hospital.

Due to the fact that the pharmacy procures supplies for the medical centre, it has a wider range of medical products not normally stocked by commercial retail pharmacies. Ekhuruleni and Kempton Park residents have come to rely on the Arwyp Medical Centre's 24 hour pharmacy to supply less commonly accessible items such as wound dressings, urine bags, catheters, urology devices and colostomy bags.

The pharmacy charges dispensing fees in accordance with the Medicines and Related Substances Control Amendment Act (No 90 of 1997). The regulations set out four price bands for medicines, excluding VAT, each with its own maximum fee. The regulations apply to all medicines sold in a pharmacy except those classed as Schedule 0.

The retail pharmacy operates as a service to Ekuruleni doctors and their patients. The pharmacy is extensively used by visitors to the hospital and members of staff.