Aviation Medicine

Aviation medicine, also called flight medicine or aerospace medicine, is a branch of preventive or occupational medicine in which patients are usually pilots and aircrews. The specialty strives to treat or prevent conditions to which aircrews are particularly susceptible, applies medical knowledge to the human factors in aviation and is thus a critical component of aviation safety.

Services offered

  • Professional medical services in the fields of
  • Aerospace medicine
  • Aviation medicine
  • Diving medicine
  • Travel medicine
  • To continuously remain eligible to fly an aircraft, it is necessary that all licensed pilots regularly undergo medical examinations. The Arwyp Medical Centre Aviation Medicine Department has the know-how and facilities required for these examinations. The hospital’s close proximity to Johannesburg International Airport makes it the ideal place for anyone associated with flying to undergo the necessary physical examinations.

Medical practitioner

Dr. Ken Ingham

Senior Designated Aviation Medical Examiner
  (011315 5817           

 082 825 3221 after hours
1st Floor  Medical Suites

See also: www.aerospace-medicine-sa.co.za